Drug Addiction Recovery in Colorado

Intensive Residential Treatment Programs

Housed in a 6,300 sq. ft. ranch-style home, Soaring Hope offers a unique scientific, evidence-based, unified treatment focused on personal, physical and spiritual development to facilitate recovery from addiction and the development of a life-plan for sobriety. Soaring Hope is accredited by The Joint Commission and has received the Gold Seal of ApprovalĀ®

Treating a complex disease like addiction demands a unique and tailored treatment for each individual. By treating no more than 5 clients at one time and maintaining a superior staff to client ratio, we can ensure the highest level of individual attention. Smaller groups allow us to work on co-occurring mental health problems and substance use disorders effectively.

Each week, clients participate in 45.5 therapeutic hours guided by Certified Addiction Counselors (II or III), Registered Psychotherapists, Trauma Certified specialists, and unique in Colorado LENS Certified experts in our therapy office a short drive from the group home. Fitness coaches and spiritual guides round out the team. Clients also receive peer-to-peer and impromptu daily contact.

Our program encourages a strong connection to nature. Clients and staff spend many hours outside and greatly enjoy their time on the extensive hiking trails in the Pike National Forest. A strong sense of community is fostered by participation in joint activities such as daily meal planning and cooking, mentoring of new clients and participation in field trips to help experience having fun while being sober. These and other activities are fostered in order to cultivate life-long healthy living skills.

We are a drug-free environment. Smoking is not allowed. Studies show that quitting smoking improves sustained recovery by 50%!!* Nor do we shift clients from one dependency to another. We do not use prescription drugs such as Suboxone, Methadone, SSRIs, benzodiazepines or any others to break existing addictions. We treat the causes of addiction, not the symptoms. Our better-than-industry-average results speak for themselves. These drugs are not necessary nor are they advantageous to long-term recovery.