Seven Components of Care Model

Providing Care on Your Transformative Journey

We provide holistic support of the body, mind, and spirit on a transformative journey to recovery. We specialize in drug-free treatments. Essential oils, auricular acupuncture, meditation, journaling and exercise are helping clients heal. SHR also provides access to equine therapy along with neurofeedback technology LENS, trauma sensitive yoga and nutrition and cooking lessons. Clients appreciate an effective group therapy experience that includes a wide-variety of techniques and topics including mindfulness, CBT, DBT, psychodrama, relapse prevention, relationship skills, family dynamics, the science of addiction and process groups. Individual sessions blend all Evidence-Based therapies including CBT, emotionally-forward therapy and EMDR to address trauma.

Brain Function Renewal – Care and Feeding of the Brain includes neurological assessment, neurotransmitter assessment, medication tapering, neurofeedback and specifically designed nutritional therapies.

Mindful Rejuvenation – Mindful education is necessary to allow the brain and the mind to work and communicate effectively.

Spiritual Replenishment – Spiritual and emotional guidance provide the means for brain and mind to coalesce including EFT, pain release techniques, meditation, nature experiences, talking circle, sweat lodge ceremony, 12-Step meetings and labyrinth.

Behavior Revitalization – With the mind, body and spirit working in harmony, positive behavioral changes occur and allow for sustainable recovery including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Motivational Interviewing, Feeling-State Addiction protocol, trauma therapy, trigger and relapse prevention, boundaries and communication, dual diagnosis care and lifestyle evaluation.

Financial Regeneration – Career enhancement protocols allow an opportunity for financial stability and a positive view of the future.

Relationship Rekindling – Repairing family dynamics and personal relationships provide grounds for a stable support system.

Sustainable Lifetime Recovery - Clients return to their lives as healthy individuals in recovery, prepared with unique knowledge and an individualized sustainable health plan. This component includes individualized life plan, independent living arrangements, support system, positive thinking mastery, awareness and mindfulness, group therapy leadership, therapy plan, meditation, exercise and nutritional plan.